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GT-006 digital amplifier. Shorted 5v rail...
« on: July 10, 2016, 12:32:33 am »
Hi everybody!

I read an article about how to build your own bluetooth transportable speaker system. I had a set of speakers and a Dayton DAT-100 amplifier lying around, so I got myself a bluetooth receiver and got to work.

To have only one power (24V) input, I thought it a good idea to open the amp, find the 5V rail and use it to supply the bluetooth adapter. That worked well when tested all disassembled, so I built everything into the speaker and...

...I shorted the 5V rail because I had not enough clearance from my soldering to the aluminium cabinet... Thing is dead, Jim...

Power LED still comes on, 24V can be traced trough the system.
As far as I can see, 24V is not reaching the power converter though (three pin, but no label on it). Obviously no 5V either.
I've not tested the converter yet, as it does not get 24V.

Any ideas where to look at (newbie)?

Thanks in advance

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