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Keithley 2000 repair; display PCB damage
« on: March 24, 2018, 10:57:24 pm »
I know there are already a lot of K2000 repair threads but i thought this might be helpful if someone experience similar problems.

I won this device on ebay by accident!
I wanted to bid for another auction with K2000 and had some serious fingertrouble while switching back and forth with delivery adresses!!!  :palm:
( and i dont consider it a bargain at 200 bucks )

Anyway, since i already had it i decided to have a look at it.
Before i switched it on i could already tell something is wrong by just turning it in my hands to have a close look art all sides.
Some heavy part inside was moving and making ugly metallic sound.

After opening it was immediately clear what the problem was ( first two pictures ).
Too bad the machine cant tell us what happened. So we can only make wild guesses.
Good thing was when switched on it appeared to be working with the exception of the 3rd and 4th digit on the display dead, inclduing the status messages above and below in that column.

I disassembled the display board and the damage of the free moving transformer was clearly visible.
Half of the pins of the display were bend and "hammered" to the solder-side of the pcb.
After lifting them up again with a sharp knife 3rd digit came back to life.  :)
( sorry no pics of the "as found" condition )

4th digit was a bit more work. I finally found out that some traces on the solderside are important for the display. By using the contact check function of a dmm i could find the damage of a tiny trace.
Since i did not know how to repair this in a professional way i just took a small copper wire form the shiled of an old audio cable and soldered it across the damaged trace ( pic 3 ).
That revived 4th digit and display was completely working now.

Unfortunately the ribbon cable fo the display assembly has three broken wires now ( before only two , but still working) and is dead now.
I need to fix that and check the DMM for spec values.

At least now its in an acceptable state for the price i paid.

And i am bit proud to have managed that "repair". ;D




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