Author Topic: Anyone that would like to share an opinion about the ASICminer 8 nano?  (Read 441 times)

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Hey guys,

I recently found this video with a guy reviewing "a brand new asic miner" for bitcoin.

For me it looks very sketchy, would be great to have the opinion of the community, because I think that
lots of people will fall for this scam if it's real as I think it is.

Check it out and leave a comment please!

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Due to the rapidly increasing difficulty, most ASICs will NEVER reach ROI, even if you have free electric. Remember, you need to evaluate it based on the amount of crypto it costs versus it's earnings in crypto after expenses. Dollar gains due to crypto price going up are fake profit. If you make less crypto than you spent, you lost. You would have been ahead by just buying the coins and holding them.

What's with all the damn lights? Is it a tool or a showpiece?

It's UI is done through the cloud. This alone is reason enough to consider it junk. ANY device which requires a cloud connection to function puts you completely at the mercy of a 3rd party. Their server goes down, your device is dead. They go bankrupt, device is dead. Maybe they decide you need to pay a monthly fee to use your device. Maybe they declare it "obsolete", etc.


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I have never considered mining ASICs a good investment except when they're really cheap. Near the beginning of the year, a bunch of investors spent a lot on some high N Scrypt ASIC boxes (something like $1800 each), expecting them to pay back in like 2 months, but the adoption of those ASICs skyrocketed the difficulty and it would be more than a year before they pay off.
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