Author Topic: OPTO-EDU A22.1201-C1 Soldering Microscope... Like AmScope SE400-Z, But Less $$$  (Read 441 times)

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I bought this scope to solder micro electrical components. The specifications, right down to the words and expressions used, appeared to be very similar to the AmScope SE400-Z. However, this unit was less expensive.

The scope is extremely well made. I was expecting much less, because of the price. However, everything is topnotch… fit, finish and materials. The base has good weight, making it reasonably stable. Even the power cord is supple.

From the advertisement photographs, I had noted some discrepancies:
- The box under the eyepieces is shorter.
- The horizontal bar clamp might be located at a slightly different place, along the bar.
- The light switch is located on top of the base, which I prefer.
- The knurling on the adjusting eyepieces is slightly different.

For the unit I received, the lamp is not a LED… maybe halogen? But, it is very sharp and bright. I would not have been happy with a single LED. It does make some heat, however that is not a problem.

The acid test of acceptability for me was if the focal range would allow sufficient room to work a soldering iron under the scope head and the unit not be so cheaply made, as to not be expected to last. I wear 2.0 reading glasses. Without my glasses, and using the 10x lens, I can fully focus on the object and have just about a full, vertical iron’s length, below. That is about 6-1/4 inches. The field of view is adequate. I have already commented on the unit’s superior construction.

Because this is my criteria, I am not concerned, if there are any operational differences to the AmScope. And, this review is not a heads-up comparison of the two. This scope simply does (well) what I wanted it to do and was the little bit of less expensive needed to meet my present/immediate budget. I am pleased with it and can recommend it, if your criteria are the same as mine.

Budget Note: The Amscope/Prime does not charge tax. This unit did charge tax, but the sum of the price was still cheaper.

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