Author Topic: Quick TS1200A soldering station - Cheap JBC/Pace/Hakko alternative?  (Read 407 times)

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I was looking to get one of those fancy direct-heating type irons (JBC CD-2BQE, Pace ADS200, Hakko FX-951), but I balked at the price to get them in Australia (prices in USD for easy comparison):
ModelUS ($USD)AU ($USD)
JBC CD-2BQE~450~450
Pace ADS200~250~450
Hakko FX-951~250~350
US Pricing from TEquipment; AU Pricing from Mektronics.
Buying from the US and shipping it over would end up costing an extra ~$100 anyways, so no point trying to import.

But then I stumbled across the Chinese-made Quick TS1200A (not the TS1100!), which also claims to be the direct-heating type, costing only ~$250USD to get it in Australia! (It can even be had for just ~$150USD if you buy directly in China - search for the 快克TS1200A)
It also seems to have a better interface than the (similarly priced in the US) Hakko FX-951, albeit it lacks physical buttons in lieu of fixed touchscreen buttons.
But of course, the selection of available tips are way less than the alternatives (only 15?), though at first glance they might be compatible with Hakko tips?

Does anyone have one of these irons? Is anyone able to do a review of them?
How does it compare with the JBC/Pace/Hakko? Does it accept Hakko tips?

(There also seems to be a TS1200 without the A suffix, though I'm not sure of the difference between it and the TS1200A are)
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Re: Quick TS1200A soldering station - Cheap JBC/Pace/Hakko alternative?
« Reply #1 on: April 23, 2019, 07:05:51 pm »
I had the same curiosity and ordered a tip to see the pinout and check the heating element resistance, it turned out the tips are not T12/T15 or T13 compatible and the heating element has 2.0 Ohm resistance (similar to C245 tips).


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Re: Quick TS1200A soldering station - Cheap JBC/Pace/Hakko alternative?
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The Pace ADS200 starts from $206 USD at tequipment as we get 6% EEVblog discount. If Mektronics is too expensive try asking for a discount, say you are from the EEVblog electronics community.

I don't think it's going to be better than the JBC or Pace, the Hakko is a 75W station and anything is better than that gui.
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Re: Quick TS1200A soldering station - Cheap JBC/Pace/Hakko alternative?
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A lot of the Quick 861DW hot air stations available are clones of genuine Quick, so I would not be surprised if there are clones of Quick soldering stations too. Something to be careful of.

Anyway I don't have experience with that soldering station. Would also be interested to hear reviews.

Another model for you to consider:

Hakko FX950

Not talked about much because it is not available in USA. But it is available in Australia and I think it is a better model than the FX951 as it does not have the confusingly implemented digital interface. Otherwise it is the same performance and just misses out on the auto sleep mode (optional) and the new style metal wool tip cleaner. FX950 is quite a bit cheaper than the FX951. Also because this model has flown under the radar, I don't think anyone has cloned it. Though best to buy from an authorised distributor.

Mektronics website seems to be broken at the moment for me, but an archive of their site indicates the price on special from there last month was AU$319.00 (Ex GST)  (US$227). AU$350.90 inc gst.

You would need to budget for some tips which are not included. Maybe another ~AU$20 for a hakko metal wool tip cleaner holder to fit in the iron stand if you want one of those.

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