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Tek TDS6604, TDS6804, TDS7704 scopes
« on: Yesterday at 02:35:37 pm »
I'm eyeing at a variety of Tek 6-7GHz scopes, in particular the TDS6604, TDS6804, TDS7704.  I'm mainly looking for the bandwidth, 20S/s sampling rate (off a TCA-SMA adapter, or when probing using 4GHz active probes).  I have a 500MHz MSO already that's perfect for all things microcontroller related, so this is more for hunting down specific problems and general investigations around fast logic (LVC/AHC/AUC), eye diagrams, striplines, LVDS, gbe, and USB 2 HS.  Although I'd love USB 3 SS this probably isn't realistic.  And of course, fixing and performance verifying various T&M gear.  The Teks seem to be available generally in the $5-$8k range depending on options.  I need advanced triggers more than I need update rates, so while these generally have mediocre update rates it looks like they do have all I would need in terms of triggers and analysis/measurements.  I realize the 20GS/s rate is interleaved in channel pairs.  Ditto memory.

The 6804 has an analog 7GHz bandwidth, but seems able to undo rolloff with a DSP filter... is this meaningful or hoakey?  Still, 7GHz BW is fine by me although I'm not sure I'd pay a whole lot more for it than 6GHz.  But the addition of other differences may make the 6804/7704 worth the extra coin.

Lots and lots of questions...

Anyone else have experience with these?
The 6604 is based on WinXP, the 7704 on Win2k so I assume the former also has more recent hardware?
Is there a performance difference (other than bandwidth) between the 6604 and 6804?
What are common problems - backup batteries, NVRAM, inputs, special ASICs...?
Has anyone liberated these, since I assume Tek no longer sells SW options?
I'd get a couple of TCA-SMA adapters  and a couple of 4GHz active probes, plus a couple of passive ones with attenuation sensing.  Anything to be vary of here?
People seem to swap out the HDDs for SSDs, something I'd want to do, and make a backup image of the system on my NAS in the process.  I assume given the era it wants an IDE drive?  Can it use an SATA adapter?
All have ethernet, and being windows I assume they can save screenshots and data straight to my NAS, so floppy (6604) vs CD (6804) makes no difference to me.

Anything else I should be aware of?  There's a shortage of teardowns, discussion, and critical reviews of these online...

These seem reasonably common out there, but not common enough to take one on as a repair project I think.  Just not enough parts.

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Re: Tek TDS6604, TDS6804, TDS7704 scopes
« Reply #1 on: Yesterday at 10:56:16 pm »
There are several forum threads about these. AFAIK these scopes have 2 processors in them making system re-installation cumbersome and these also have issues with NVRAM. I'd look at alternatives from Agilent or Lecroy.
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