Author Topic: Please explain me Rigol MSO1074Z-s options DG and "Power Ana.", also 0.5mV/div  (Read 176 times)

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Hello everybody, I have "upgraded" a Rigol MSO1074Z-S with different options, I have found little to nothing about the options mentioned in the title (except that it my harm my children ;) ) and I thought that maybe someone has better information and can share.

Let's take them in order:

- "DG" - Cryptic name, could it be "Data Generator", the scope has a Logic Analyzer with a pod connector, could it be that this optin enables some king of pattern generator ?

- "Power Ana" - "Power Analogue", "Power Analyzer" ?!?!? This option is a mystery.

- "0.5mV/DIV" - About this one, the only thing I now is that is "crap" and when enabled it frakked the DC offset of the CH 1 so bad that was not even possible do bring the trace on screen and was having huge DC offsets on the other channels as well.
Well, my experience is that it actually works pretty well, after enabling it and recalibration, there was no strange DC offset and the noise, with nothing connected, was something like 3-4mV, not very good, but still usable, personally I recommend to be enabled.

So if you know something or have some pointers, your advice and hints about this options are most welcome.

 Thank you,

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