Author Topic: Rigol MSO1074Z Logic Analyser useless ? Need software to read the data on the PC  (Read 432 times)

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So i'm bashing my head against the wall right now.

Can't seem to find a single piece of software that will read data from the LA in the scope.

Ultra Scope provided by Rigol is a joke.
Ultra Sigma provided by Rigol, what does it even do ? No manual, no nothing.

Sigrok/Pulsewiev, tried it because someone has sigested it to me, doesn't work for s**t, ignores trigger, and when it finally decides to read some data it merges all the LA channel signals into single output on D0.

Tried to do the slow way and do exports to the pendrive, and i can't find any software that will be able to read those exports.

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Hey there,

I don't have that scope myself, so I can't comment on the functionality of it. I can however say that we at sigrok try hard to make things work for our users. As you may have noticed, the scope you were trying to use with our software isn't officially supported. The fact that the software still recognizes it is because we want to allow users to try using it and report back on any issues they encounter. It's a "best effort" kind of strategy.

If you're still interested in getting this to work, I suggest you check out our IRC channel at #sigrok on freenode. We have several people with Rigol scopes there and of course also the people who work on the rigol-ds driver. Together, we should be able to work out what the issue is with your scope and could then add your model to the list of officially-supported devices.

All the best,
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