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RIGOL MSO1104Z MSO problems
« on: April 03, 2018, 08:27:59 pm »
Does anyone else use this scope with the 16 channel MSO? We got ours new last year and very quickly had problems with the logic analyzer. Signals became unpredictable and it would fail to calibrate. After talking to Rigol, and sending the analyzer back, then the oscilloscope, the problem seemed to be fixed. I will say at this time we were told not, under any circumstances to remove the module when under power, as this can cause damage to the board! We had not actually done this, but it struck me that a piece of equipment in a lab environment like this is very poorly designed if you have to power cycle the scope every time you connect or disconnect a bit of equipment that handles low voltage logic, and is designed specifically for that instrument!
Fast forward 6 months and it seems two of the channels have now started playing up and do not respond to inputs. Neither can you see them responding during calibration, but ironically everything calibrates ok... We have been incredibly careful and ensured the module has only ever been removed or replaced without power! Maybe we haven't waited long enough after switching power off I don't know, that would be ridiculous!

Has anyone else encountered any issues with this scope and the MSO module?


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Re: RIGOL MSO1104Z MSO problems
« Reply #1 on: April 19, 2018, 11:39:15 pm »
PeDre thanks for the links, you're blocking personal messages so I had to reply here. Sadly the firmware wasn't the version that contain the bootloader I was looking for but thanks for helping out.
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Re: RIGOL MSO1104Z MSO problems
« Reply #2 on: July 15, 2018, 07:12:29 pm »
Well, I am a few months late replying :) but...

I have had no problems with calibration, but I do find some logic analyser inputs to be intermittent.

Current suspicion is that the connectors at each end of the ribbon cable mate poorly due to plastic covers prevent full insertion.

Loosening the covers while fitted and allowing a little more plug to protrude seems to have cured the problem for now, but I suspect that I will end up sanding away some of the cover plastic to allow better mating.

Will let you know if I have further troubles.

If anyone wants to open the Logic Head, be aware that there are three torx screws holding the two halves together. They are hidden under labels, so your device will not look pretty once you have cut holes in the labels.

Inside are 8 dual comparators with differential outputs (LMH7322), resistors and caps for signal conditioning and terminators and little else.

EDIT:  Starting to think that covers are only a problem at the probe end of the ribbon cable, which is the less troublesome end. Seems to be intermittent connection at the scope end, even with no cover fitted. Maybe I just have tarnished pins on the plugs??? Still investigating....  Still employing guesswork as main diagnostic tool :(
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