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Tek CSA7404 Bad PSU
« on: March 27, 2018, 06:00:59 am »
Got a Tek CSA7404 I am trying to bring back to life. Sits there tick-tick-ticking away, something is shorted on the HV side of the PSU. Looking at it with a thermal camera you can see the big power resistor that feeds the bulk capacitance glow brighter with each click.

it is getting 5vsb so some of it is working. Tried replacing the main caps but no difference.

Any schematics anywhere for the power supply? I think the next step is to see which sections of the PSU are actually dead and trace back.

Or if anyone knows where I can find another power supply. Same power supply is used in TDS 6000, 7000, and TLA 600 series machines.


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