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As some may know I am having a major purge on unused equipment and projects that I have never got around to starting. Amongst the projects are a bunch of ISG Talisman thermal cameras. They are ex fire service cameras that use a BST sensor array. Most came to me as faulty which is why I bought them. I like repairing stuff :)

OK, I paid £80 each for the project cameras. They are complete and I have not even opened their casings. The faults could be simple or complex, I honestly have no idea. It may well be a ‘quick win’ to make one good camera from two faulty units. The parts donor may then be repaired in slow time using the good unit as a reference for tests etc. A nice little fun project for not a lot of money were my thoughts when I purchased them.

I do have one fully working Talisman BST with new battery and new charger. That cost me somewhat more than £80 but it will also be rehomed. Likely price will be £150.

If anyone wants to take on these project cameras for some fun learning about the technology and hopefully returning the cameras to full operation, please get in contact. A bulk sale is possible. I think I have 4 faulty, 1 good and one early PEvicon version. The real Germanium lens assembly in these cameras is worth at least £40 on its own.

These are waterproof cameras so great for external observation, CCTV or wildlife spotting.

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