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I need a job offer abroad
« on: April 10, 2018, 07:39:25 PM »

I'm looking for a job offer abroad. I'm an Iranian citizen with MSc degree in Embedded and intelligent systems design.

I've studied and lived for 5 years in Sweden.

My MSc thesis was industrial based and I designed a gateway for one of the subsidiary companies of VOLOV AB, specifically for the marine section (Penta).

I am also experienced in Image processing/Machine Vision/Machine learning and it is one of my favorite topics to work/research.

I hold 12 patents and I could receive two governmental grants from a Swedish governmental organization (ALMI) for novel and innovative ideas.

What is my competitive advantage?
I run my own startup company from time to time and I update my business and customer relations knowledge also because I have to do many things myself and join seminars or events to meet other people. Therefore I know how you earn money as an entrepreneur and its difficulties. Besides, personally, I love invention/innovation, which is obvious from patents and received grants.

Hiring a foreign candidate is not a challenge for many countries and the only thing that should be offered before employment, is just a job offer, such as Singapore, Germany  (Blue Card system), UK, Canada, Australia or similar.
Sometimes hiring a foreign candidate is a bit tricky for few countries such as the US, in terms of costs and so on. Therefore small US companies are not prone to hire somebody from abroad.
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