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EEVblog #172 – DIY Acoustic Sound Panels

Dave shows you how he built his own acoustic sound absorption panels for his recording studio using Tontine Acoustisorb 3 material. Data on the material is here: http://www.tontineinsulation.com.au/technical-data EEVblog #172 - DIY Acoustic Sound Panels [ 14:41 | 60.97 MB ] Download (4047)

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EEVblog #29 – Audiophile Audiophoolery

Dave cuts loose on the Golden Ear Audiophiles and all their Audiophoolery rubbish. Panasonic gets a serve too, or is that applause? The Blue Jeans cable LINK And Kurt Denke’s response to the infamous letter: LINK The Panasonic design guide is HERE and the rest of it HERE Post your ...

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