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EEVblog #155 – ITead Studio PCB Prototype Goof

Dave shares an experience with his new prototype PCB’s from ITead Studio. Super awesomely cheap, but beware! http://iteadstudio.com/store/index.php?main_page=index&cPath=19 EEVblog #155 - ITead Studio PCB Prototype Goof [ 17:21 | 65.75 MB ] Download (2969)

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EEVblog #106 – Top 5 Tips To Bring Your Product to Market

Are you are a hobbyist, hacker, maker, or garage engineer with a great product idea? Dave gives you his Top 5 tips for bringing your product to market. And a bonus Top 5 reasons to avoid patents. Copyright, Marketing, Advertising, Protection, and Creative Commons Open Source all get a look ...

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EEVblog #75 – Digital Multimeter Buying Guide

Who else in the industry can give you 52 solid minutes of beginner advice on buying a multimeter? Dave of course!, who started out wanting to give some “quick” advice, but as usual Dave likes to rant… So you get a feature-by-feature breakdown on what makes a good digital multimeter. ...

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