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    EEVblog #181 – Dead Bug Prototype Soldering

    Dave show you how to solder a small 3 axis accelerometer LGA surface mount chip “dead bug” style onto a microcontroller prototyping board. This technique allows you to easily prototype projects using tiny SMD components designed only for reflow soldering. EEVblog #181 - Dead Bug Prototype Soldering [ 0.01 MB ...

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    EEVblog #180 – Soldering Tutorial Part 1 – Tools

    Dave takes you through everything you need to know to do good quality soldering. Part 1 is all about the tools you might need. A lot of this was already covered in my general lab tools video. EEVblog #180 - Soldering Tutorial Part 1 - Tools [ 27:13 | 113.04 ...

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    EEVblog #159 – Oscilloscope Trigger Holdoff Tutorial

    One of the more obscure controls on an oscilloscope is the Trigger Holdoff control. A dedicated control on most high end analog oscilloscopes, and a main menu option in modern digital scopes, yet often poorly understood. What does it do and how does it work? EEVblog #159 - Oscilloscope Trigger ...

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    EEVblog #158 – AVR ISP MK2 + LM317 Regulator Tutorial

    Who else but Dave can turn what was supposed to be a simple 2 minute AVR ISP hack video into a 30 minute episode on designing and measuring the performance of an LM317 voltage regulator circuit, with a bonus shootout between the Fluke 87V and the Gossen Metrahit XTRA multimeters? ...

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    EEVblog #140 – Battery Capacity Tutorial

    Ever wanted to know what battery capacity is? Dave takes you through everything you need to know about amp-hours, mAh, watt hours, internal or series resistance, temperature effects, battery cutoff voltages, and characteristic curves. Part 2 coming soon. EEVblog #140 - Battery Capacity Tutorial [ 28:57 | 89.32 MB ] ...

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