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[edit] US

Rigado - Oregon, USA based - Focused on low power wireless hardware, firmware and mechanical designs.
Argenox - Texas, USA based - Development of products using Bluetooth, BLE and Wi-Fi, Hardware, Software and Apps

[edit] Australia

HETech - Brisbane based.
4Volts Electronic Engineering - Melbourne based electronic design service.

[edit] UK

A2E Limited Scottish electronics design and consulting
BitBox Limited 1/2hr from London. Electronics designs for reliable production. Has proven ARMĀ® /Coms/API cores, Industrial I/O. Designs and Codes to various Approvals. Full ISO9001:2008
Cubik Innovation. Electronic Design, Prototyping, Small Batch Manufacture. Based in Bristol
Spider Electronics Limited. UK based electronics design and prototype service.
TSW Electronics Limited. Electronics design, embedded software development and Android application development.

[edit] AR

Embedded & PCB Development. SouthAmerica PCB and Embedded prototype Design service.

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