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[edit] US

Rigado - Oregon, USA based - Focused on low power wireless hardware, firmware and mechanical designs.
Argenox - Texas, USA based - Development of products using Bluetooth, BLE and Wi-Fi, Hardware, Software and Apps

[edit] Australia

HETech - Brisbane based.
4Volts Electronic Engineering - Melbourne based electronic design service.

[edit] UK

A2E Limited Scottish electronics design and consulting
BitBox Limited 1/2hr from London. Electronics designs for reliable production. Has proven ARMĀ® /Coms/API cores, Industrial I/O. Designs and Codes to various Approvals. Full ISO9001:2008
Spider Electronics Limited. UK based electronics design and prototype service.
TSW Electronics Limited. Electronics design, embedded software development and Android application development.

[edit] AR

Embedded & PCB Development. SouthAmerica PCB and Embedded prototype Design service.

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