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  • Jan Schmidt

    Haha. I was wondering what you’d do with the finger count at the start when you got to Episode 11. Bit of an anti-climax in the end 🙂

    3 cheers for Art of Electronics – such a classic.

  • richard sum

    Hi, great site. Do you have a more in depth walkthrough of your watch design?


    • No I don’t, sorry. But perhaps a more in-depth one in an upcoming blog, maybe even on my Mk2 uWatch if I ever get it finished.

  • Roddy

    I was just introduced to your blog last week. I have a lot of ground to make up, but your episodes are great to watch. I had a Casio watch in the early eighties that had a calculator on it. The thing would beep every time you clicked a number key, what a bust in analysis class. I don’t recall if it was a scientific calculator but it was the size of a regular casio watch. If it shows up I’ll send it to you.

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