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  1. Were any of the bails touching the back wall? Would that have interfered at all to assist them in not falling over?

    • The bail touching the wall would have helped in letting a meter fall over. The bail wouldn’t slide on the surface, and the the force making the bail fold would apply in full.

      No, that IDEAL meter is toast. And I laugh about all the idiots claiming a meter is not supposed to be operated when propped up. Uahahhahahaha.

    • No, none of the meter stands were touching the back wall. No trickery involved.

      • Well now wait a second Dave… The Gossen Metra clearly looks to have its bail up against the corner of the window, preventing the possibility of easily tipping over. You can clearly see this at both 1:09 and 1:59.

        Not saying you faked it all Dave. The Ideal meter clearly has a problem with the bail, both in terms of a lack of lock and a lack of proper opening angle… but ummm, look at your video again. Test fail!

        • No, sorry, the test was not a fail, the camera angle is deceptive. I can assure you the Gossen was NOT touching the window frame. I know because I noticed it was close after I did the shots and actually checked it. If it was touching I would have re-shot it, but it wasn’t. There is actually a gap between the wood and the window frame filled with white filler, so it looks like the bail is closer to the white window frame than it actually is.
          This has been explained on the forum, and there is a better angle photo in there for those pedantic enough to care.
          I did not fake it, every one of those meters passed the button push test, and anyone with the same meter can confirm for themselves.

  2. Michael Thompson

    I love this blog.

    There, I said it.

  3. Now that’s the most elaborate and polite bird flipping I’ve seen in quite some time. Awesome 😀

  4. What the…

    That’s the shitest design I’ve ever seen in my life!!!

    If I went to my boss and showed him my finished meter design (regardless of how cheap it was supposed to be) and the first time he tried to press a button it fell over, I’d expect to be FIRED!!!

    Only one thing for it…


  5. That IDEAL multimeter is way off ideal, it may be a great multimeter, but it sucks on case design.
    It’s just a centre of mass problem.
    Anyway, if you buy a $100 product, you shouldn’t expect a bug like this.

  6. ok so besides bad design feature, is it a good multimeter like the extech and amprobe multimeters you reviewed in blog 91?

  7. It’s a valid design flaw. Personally, I couldn’t care less though.

  8. there’s nothing better than dave ranting in aussie slang 🙂

  9. Lovely!
    I expect the stand on my fluke to let me use the thing inside a machine and not flop over when I change modes and such.. While I like Ideal tools, I agree with the FAIL verdict!
    Thanks Dave!

  10. so hey with the design flaw of the ideal, is it still a good multimeter like the amprobe and extech you reviewed on the multimeter show u did???

  11. “Heap of shit”

    I love it. Keep the reviews and rants coming. I have a 50mhz rigol on the way because of this blog…

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