How To bring Your Project From Idea To Reality

Another fantastic talk by Mitch Altman about how to bring your project idea from concept to reality. he uses his example of TV-B-GONE.
It was recorded at one of the HOPE conferences, and I originally heard it HERE, but it now seems to be missing.
So I have found the file and hosted on my server, if anyone minds please let me know.
The original source is HERE.

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  1. Yes Dave thank you for linking to this… when I saw your earlier posting about the top 5 tips to bring your product to market, it immediately reminded me of Mitch’s talk. You guys both did an excellent job covering good information. Thanks again!

  2. Anyone thinking of getting into “micro-manufacturing” should watch this. Mitch has a lot of good insight to share I just wish his talks were longer.

    Here the video of the talk (may not be the exact conference – but it’s the same presentation)

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