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  1. Almost criminal but luckily it is Australian beer (yust guessing)
    I remember a song by Billy Connolly, who’s wife made him give up his whiskey collection which he poured in the bathtub. It started with “Took the cork from the first bottle, had a little drink. Kissed the bottle tenderly poured it down the sink” and ended with “fell in the bathtub and drank the bloody lot”

  2. Why not see if you can hack that bottle opener to say the whole phrase?

  3. Why not giving them to you neigbord? Saving some garbage plus it’s look more environmental friendly.

  4. When I realized what’s going to be happen I stopped the video. I couldn’t bear to watch such a horror ;(

  5. Dave,

    I have never consumed “piss” before, so I guess I will have to bow to your superior experience on that one … 😆

  6. Unlike wine which can age in the bottle, beer will go stale and should really be consumed within a year of being bottled. Many years ago an uncle kept the leftover beer from his wedding reception to serve to visitors. His wedding was in 1991 and each visit to his house throughout the ’90s up until at least ’98 I would be offered a bottle of this beer. Needless, it only took a couple visits to realise what was coming off: the beer was undrinkable, but he didn’t know as he never touched the stuff… Dave: have you no beer drinking mates to unload the stuff on???

  7. I felt a great disturbance in the Force, as if millions of sinks burped in terror and were suddenly silenced.

  8. most disturbing eevblog yet……

    i know Australia only have crap beer…
    but think of the starving alcoholics in Africa for one thing…


  9. I don’t drink alcohol, nor do I know any of the brand names….So basically I’m intered in what that electronic opener said…

    BTW, watering plants with beer is better than any chemical fertilizer 🙂

    Funniest eevblog video so far!

  10. Had to ask.

    I understand you wanted to show off the electronic opener initially, but, don’t they have twist off beer bottle caps down under???


  11. Hey Dave,

    There are plenty of uses for beer even if you’re not a beer drinker. It’s a useful ingredient in a beer based batter for fish and it has other culinary uses too. If the beer wasn’t stale, it just seems a terrible waste. As another poster pointed out, it’s a great snail killer so even if you can’t get someone to drink it or use it in cooking it need not go to waste. BTW, the snails don’t care if the beer is well beyond its use by date.

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