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  1. To my ears, the voice doesn’t say ‘Rigol’, but more something like ‘remark’ or ‘wima’ (whatever that might mean). The accent definitely sounds Chinese though.

  2. The entry-level model DG1022 also says “Rigol” when you
    select the built-in arbitrary waveform “Voice”. The
    DG1022 has a 4kpts memory for the arbitrary waveform
    with 14 bits vertical resolution. It could be that they
    have used the same file and the poor quality is due to
    the limited memory of the DG1022.

    The DG4162 has a 16k points memory for the arbitrary waveform
    with 14 bits vertical resolution.

    Best regards,


    • They should have been able to get much more into 16K memory. I was able to get “Agilent Rocks!” recorded into the AWG on my MSOX3024A which only has 8K points of memory storage on the waveform. The sound quality was much better also.

  3. Hi Dave
    is it possible to you make a video about how to encode ASCII datas to WAVE file and how to decode it back ?


  4. I am starting to work with Arduino and have some ideas that I would like to build on and eventually maybe sell. I was listening to the “non-commercial license” info and was totally lost. Could you explain this to me/us? If I devlop the product based on the Arduino, is it possible to market and sell the final product? If not, how can you go about diong it. I hate to sound Noob, but I have wondered about this for a while.

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