EEVblog #356 – Makerbot Replicator 2 Announcement

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Makerbot announced the Replicator 2 today.
As usual, Dave has something to say about it.

Makerbots official response HERE
Dave’s translation:
The suits said we MUST go closed source on everything legally possible. Use all loopholes, whilst keeping up appearances.

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  1. Agree with your video there Dave, others will take it’s place. We have been using a couple of 3d printers at our hackspace (Makerbot1, couple of RepRaps) and we just purchased a Tantillus off indiegogo about $850, great little printer and it prints down to 50 microns, highly recommend it. The only downside is the print size.

  2. Don’t really like your totally criticless view of makerbot… It’s just Hyped clunky clone of old RepRap model. Their new one will apparently start to meet last year’s repraps.

    Also their attitude towards Open Source community has changed a lot towards worse since VC:s started to shovel money.. Plenty people are abandoning the Thingiverse.

  3. i have post something on the other forum. I thought that i will repost it here.

    sure thing…
    everything should be open source, and everyone should rip somebody else work for free.
    would be even better if this OSHW would come for free too.

    if somebody is committing their life to do 3d printer and he is testing it for years and trying to make it better and better. deserve something for it.
    not watching like one asshole with the other one taking his stuff and sell it for millions.
    they invest lots of money and time in research. and they keep spending more and more.
    its time to have something back.
    funny thing is that i was looking closely on the rep rap evolution. and i have to say that this open source version was crappy pain on the ass, to work with.
    quality .. well… not this what im looking for…
    what the hell, i will say it , it was crap anyway.

    now when they came up with this new version. im considering getting one.
    looks like machine, not amateur piece of something what will fall apart while printing.

    has bigger printing area

    no more problems with heating plate, and all the issues coming with it.

    better resolution

    which finally might be acceptable.

    and what ? cost a bit more?
    so what
    you are getting way more bang per buck than on the old one.
    and finally something what you can use out of the box.
    and not spend hours tweaking this bloody thing.
    i have my own projects on which i would like to work not spending hours trying to print something and a the end spending more time making this bloody printer working than i have spent on my main project.

    i have been there. got CNC router, which i had to rebuild from scratch. because all electronics, cables, etc was crap and it even wasn’t working since the beginning.

    sincerely i wish all the best for new rep rap, and those guys working on it.
    they have done great work. and im sure that now they will keep building better and better printers.
    and they will be still affordable.


  4. This thing, like almost all these crummy 3D printers was over-priced, over-hyped, and cranky. Even my $35 one-axis robot (a cheap USB printer) has feeback in the positioning loop. These 3D printers that costs many hundreds of dollars (if not thousands), have no clue about feedback loops. Sayonara Makerbot…

  5. I looked at buying a Replicator, but the price put me off in the end, the cost of the R2 seems like it doesn’t actually fit any market – too costly for the enthusiast and probably not going to be good enough for the professional.

    I ended up buying a second hand Dimension 3D printer from a closing down business for 2K. Rather than a heated build platform, it has a proper see-through door and the entire thing gets hot before starting to print. Accurate printing time after time though.

  6. Hey David, great vid as always. 2k is cheap, but still a bit out of range for the mainstream consumer (although this machine looks like that’s not necessarily their exact target market). Do you see prices dropping further over the next year for 3d printers in general?

    • They are already pretty cheap. You can get a 3D printer for under $1000. Prices for quality printers won’t go much lower for a long time, there is just too much metal and precision in them. There will always be a 3 tiered price market I think.

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