EEVblog Torrents Now Available

The 640×360 podcast feed is now available as a Bit Torrent from
For those who prefer to get their files that way. And likely much faster too than the current cheap shared server were my podcast files are hosted.
It is also helpful if those who can, use the Torrent feed, as my host has threatened to shut down the server several times because of the high load.

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  1. “…use the Torrent feed, as my host has threatened to shut down the server several times because of the high load.”

    Huh? Dave, you are running a business now. And you still don’t have bandwidth secured by some form of Service Level Agreement (SLA)?

    Why don’t you arrange bandwidth with a Content Delivery Network (CDN) in exchange for promotional time? CacheFly comes to mind (I’m not affiliated) – there are many others.

    Regards, David

    • I have an expensive dedicated server for the blog and forum, not for the podcast files.
      CDN’s with the bandwidth and space I need are not cheap. For example, the top CacheFly plan at $409/month is not enough for my needs!
      I would be open to exchange for publicity. If you have any suitable contacts I’d be happy to get them.

  2. I’m all for it! Helps show that Bittorrent isn’t something dodgy used only by pirates.

  3. Hi, is it possible to also add all the old videos to the feed? It would be much easier to download the old videos (and i will also seed them for you ;-))

  4. You should look into putting stuff in AWS S3, and just making it available from there.

    E.g. 100GB of storage per month, 100GB of data transfer OUT per month, 10GB of ingestion per month, and 1 million requests per month (storing everything in Sydney) is about $27 USD per month. It’s even cheaper if you store data in the US.

    • I need 700GB+/month just in raw bandwith out, not accounting for peaks, or growth.

      • So, that’s roughly $90/month if you store and serve out of the US. I don’t know of a cheaper way to do it.

        $9.50 => 100GB of storage
        $0 => 10GB data IN
        $83.88 => 700GB data OUT
        $0.10 => 100000 GET requests

        Bandwidth is the killer. You can still use BitTorrent and seed from S3, to decrease the bandwidth out bill.

  5. Oh, and S3 can act as a torrent seeder/tracker if you want to distribute using BitTorrent (this obviously decreases traffic out costs.

  6. Would sure like some HD 1080p downloads for them also 🙂

  7. Heya!

    Just dropped by for saying thanks for signing up with Bitlove. You’re bringing more interesting content for the users of my BitTorrent site. Please spread the word among your podcaster friends. 🙂

    Feel free to keep in touch via e-mail.

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