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  1. Hi
    At 18:30 you Talk about levelator and for what it’s for.

    Just little correction there:

    A Compressor helps you actually to reduce Dynamic Range, and Not to expand it.
    So what a Compressor does, is reduce everything above a certain Level and amplify everything below that threshold level.
    It makes the louder parts less loud and the quieter parts louder.

  2. The AmpHour always sounds great, it’s obvious that you and Dave always take the production values very seriously and from a long-time listener’s point of view it’s definitely appreciated.

    There are plenty of great podcasts out there that are let down badly by poor recording quality (I can think of more than 5 off the top of my head), but the AH is always right on the money.

    Keep it up, and thanks for the insight 🙂

    • Thanks for the kind words! We’ll try to keep the quality up!

      If I were to guess about those other podcasts, it’s because they use Skype and have to live with it. If you like them enough, send them this video and maybe they’ll switch over to mumble.

  3. How do you get it posted on itunes?

    • They actually pull from the feed. iTunes is a marketplace, nothing more. They specifically do not host any content. So even when you’re clicking on a show in iTunes, it’s pulling from LibSyn (the hosting company).

  4. Very cool! thanks for showing the process.

  5. I am curious as to why you guys use Levelator, when Audacity has some very good compressor/limiter functions built in or available as plugins.

    It seems like running the final compression on a mixdown or in the multitrack mode would reduce quite a lot of manual steps in the process.

  6. One comment: the recorded level is a bit low of your audio. I have to put all volume controls on my laptop and youtube itself to 100%.

  7. Built in mic… (kill me now!!!) (Supose if you’very got nothing else its ok-ish)

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