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EEVblog #1334 – Mystery Dumpster Teardown

Mystery dumpster teardown time! With the most amazing mechanical mains power switch you’ll ever see! ...


  1. Hi Dave,
    As always nice mailbag video. It looks like you missed some parts on editing the video: 23:13 and 24:00 . Nothing serious, just felt like annoying you a little.

    Keep up the great work

    • Lol he is not even trying now.

    • I actually did edit those parts, it was a corrupted Sony Vegas project file as I moved the edited project from the lab to home. That bit was the last edit I did and it didn’t save it.
      For obvious reasons I do watch and check the video in it’s entirety after rendering.

  2. There is some value to these $5 multimeters if they are somewhat accurate – a drawer full of simple DC voltmeters like that can help monitoring a circuit in many places at a time. But then you do not want to be stuck with a voltage standard in a sulk…

    Alternative use: The globtop ICs in these tend to be plain ICL7106, and if you need one of these or a panel meter in a hurry (plus a matching display if you can manage the mechanics to hold it in place without the case) you can probably just lop off the top portion of the board (panel meter) or saw/dremel/tinsnip out the chip including the board area around it (pinout orientation can be determined from where the integration cap is, and the rest usually follows the MQFP pinout.. just glue to a board and deadbug to the pads). The point is that many DIY or dollar stores will have devices like that, a panel meter or ICL7106 chip you would usually need to order or get from a specialty store…

  3. Trying to download the m4v file via Download link, it peaks about 91 bytes/sec and stops at 66.2kB. Done it twice today, since I can download other stuff I assume there is something wrong with the server.

  4. I had manage to get video downloaded, 2 days in download time.

    I used wget, it can resume if the connection fail, as it did a few times.

  5. Given how expensive those 12V batteries are, the meter for $5 might be worth it just for the battery itself… probably cheaper than buying it retail…

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