Should I do some text blogging too?

I’ve been thinking that maybe I should do some text blogging on here in addition to the usual video blog.
Just random stuff, rants, whatever, almost certainly on-topic of course, and maybe some photos if I’m doing something etc.
Just some extra content for were I would not be bothered to sit in front of the camera and do a video about.
Opinions please:
a) Good or bad idea?
b) If good idea, should it go on the main page here or another separate wordpress blog people can subscribe too with it’s own RSS feed?

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  1. ravido de France

    You want to change the Formula
    who made your Success?
    a) VERY BAD IDEA. Ask Coca-cola.

    “random stuff, rants, whatever,” in my video blog

    Sound like Horse meat in my Lasagna.

  2. Bad idea. The video’s is what separates you from all the other blogs. I can just tune in and relax.

  3. In my opinion – not a good idea.
    There are already a decent number of good ee-related text blogs/resources in the interwebs. If you want to become one amongst them, why should i visit your blog?

    Your videos are what makes you unique, interesting, and popular.

    And (also expressed by others), i fear, that text blogging would have a toll on the amount or quality of your video blog.

  4. Yes, why not. Just do what you want!

    It’s probably easiest for you just to keep the text blog as a part of EEVblog, and more people would probably read it. But if you feel like doing another page then feel free.

    Thanks for all the content!


  5. Good idea – the videos are great and should remain at the core but occasional snippets in text would be great too. Keep it on the same blog.

  6. While a part of me thinks “No”, because it’s the EE -V- blog, I actually say “Yes”. Only because sometimes information would be nice to share but is it worth taking the time to record a video, transfer it, edit, upload, update the site, etc. Posts could be interwoven between episodes as filler and a way to keep the fans abreast with whats happening.

    In short:

    a) Yes.
    b) Keep all the posts here.

  7. As a SEO I would have to say yes.
    You can cheat a bit, post a partial transcript of the video below the video. It should bring a bit of search engine love.

    Some big SEO companies are doing it:

    • BTW whoever setup the forum registration should be shot. Most of the form inputs reset on wrong captcha (had to listen to audio) and the password requirement ugh.

  8. The video part of the site is definitely the best.
    The videos are tackling highly professional problems, with a nice touch. They have no match.
    The text sites are boring, but Dave might come with an inovation in text too.

  9. Dave, you could use text blog as a COMPLEMENT of video. Today you have a great video blog, but very poor text information. Usually you just throw a couple of lines with links for datasheets or another sites.

    Your blog would look even more professional, polished, or simply better, if for every episode you put the video on the top, and write some paragraphs (more than 2 lines!), with for instance:

    – A sumary of the video, so the visitor could know what the video is about.

    – Complementary information. Text is great for detailed information. You could, for instance, add an introduction of components, so we do not have to open every datasheet just to know what that crazy number is about. The same for products and companies that you talk in the videos.

    As a result:

    – Do not harm or change yours “trademark” (video blog)
    – Get a better score in google search
    – Episodes would look better.

    And you do not have to be Shakespeare here, even something like this would work if you do not have many things to write:

  10. Most certainly yes. If it’s not going to take a lot of your time, it’s worth a shot. Writing allows you to organize your thoughts, et cetera.

    If the blog features some content different than just the videos, it will lure people in.

  11. Dave,

    Yes start text blogging, but time for a website revamp………perhaps 2 columns, one for blogs and one for the video’s.

    Your first text blog has pushed the video’s well down the page.


  12. Do it, but only if you think that printed words will enable you to get your message across in a better way than video (or audio). I tune in for the quality of the content. The format (video, print, etc.) is secondary. As another commenter suggested, perhaps the print and video could complement each other? Downloadable DaveCAD diagrams, short study guides (“Dave’s Notes”?). etc.

  13. Good idea, will help with your google indexing as well!

    Dont let it lure you into skipping doing videos though, as that would be bad.

    All the best.

  14. I would be in favour of some, and I repeat, some text.

    However your videos style is unique. so no text at the expense of videos.


    Steve W

  15. Ok for the written stuff, but I would prefer them to be in a different place, not in the main page. Marybe one of the tabs on top would take you to the written stuff.


  16. a) Very good idea

    b) Separate blog!

  17. I say go for it.
    More Dave can’t be bad. And it isn’t as if it’s blog OR video. It’s blog AND video.

    A good ranty few paragraphs in your usual style is always fun to read. And if it gets you a few more ad impressions.. That’s good too. This is one of the few sites I’ve whitelisted on Adblock.

    Please keep it as part of the main RSS feed though. I’ve got so many, I really can do without another one.

  18. The only thing the site could do with is a search bar to search the site (and the looks like the is the space made for one on the header!), and better index on the first page.
    and more clearly what the is from the first page of the site. Or sites because you do seem to have on one hand the video content which is also on the youtube channal and on the other hand stuff on the web site with lots of complmenting info.
    When I want to buy something I will often check reviews and what I do:
    Type eev in the address bar, get to the site and then relise I should type something like “multimeter” in a search engine!
    I don’t know about other people but I often find my self going to other active blog sites a few time a month to search for something, it’s some how quicker or requires less thought than going to a search engine direct.

    I don’t think you should rant on text you need to keep turning out reguler videos, at the moment you are number one in this area and if you start doing too much other stuff well! But keep doing the projects (one you can sell them and toW it is proof of your credibility), info and indepth stuff is great like the
    but it would be nice to see a little more of them from the first page, you realy have to go look for them before you know whats there, if you never been before.

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