EEVblog #448 – New PICkit 4 & AVR Dragon

Dave programs a PIC 24F chip on his uCalc with the new official AVR Dragon firmware.
Part of the new Microchip-Atmel tool collaboration agreement.
Also, news on the new PICkit 4 which will have official support all Atmel parts.

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  1. heh… i was excited at first!

  2. no official links….. this looks like a april 1’st joke

  3. What a shame! 😉

  4. Very nice. Now do it without the PICKIT3 plugged in on the other side of the laptop…

  5. You had me till about 6:45 on the video. And I was literally shouting “…that’s what they should have done years ago, they should have done that YEARS ago!…” And then it dawned on me (said in the Aussie accent) “this Dave’s a sneaky bast*rd!” Haha! Good one. But the PICkit2 can actually program some Atmels:
    (machine translations)

    Dunno where the ‘original’ site went. WordPress can’t find it.

  6. HA HA HA.

    Thanks Dave. Great joke.

    You sucked me in totally. Not that it is too great an achievment.

    Someone once told me I was gullible, and I believed them.

  7. Dave,

    please consider to add some “repair sessions” where you will try to repair some defective electronic products.

    Keep it up!

  8. I’m not impressed unless it can also program my collection of 80C41 micro controllers…..

  9. Love it. This video has been cited on wikipedia already. [ see ]

    This would be so useful, but I was wondering what the incentive would be for microchip or atmel to allow the other company’s programmer to program their devices. There would be no reason for people to buy their programmers if that were the case.

  10. The part about the fanboys was the best. Listened to it three times 🙂

  11. Well is good that Pickit can program PICs, and AVR Dragon ATmegas and ATtinys. Enough for me.

  12. I watchted the first few minutes of this video numerous times –
    Your mimic changes when you are lying.
    I bet you get caught often when you try to be untrue.

    But this was fun – i love the “fanboy” part

  13. Jose Ramon Cano Yribarren

    Damn, I fell for it. But the worst part: 3 years later… What about changing the title of the video, Dave? Because I was getting excited before I saw the comments, and probably other fools like me will do the same 😉

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