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EEVblog #1336 – DT71 LCR Tweezer Destructive Teardown + Lab Update

Destructive teardown o nthe Miniware DT71 LCR meter Tweezers Plus a lab move update. Forum: ...


  1. hi dave !

    you may want a get this from ebay for a next teardown : http://www.ebay.com/itm/NASA-ARTIFACT-VPI-Vehicle-Power-Interface-Rack-Console-Hubble-Space-Telescope-/261090432601

    i’d buy it myself to convert it into a fancy coffe machine but i don’t have enough room in my kitchen!

  2. “if the fundamental constants change” LOL

    • @Florian

      well actulay some did change a (litle) bit.

      Wenn the BIMP change a defenition of a SI unit , then this can result in a “change” of a constant

    • Some constants may not be constants at all.

      Some are – like the speed of light in a vacuum, but that’s by definition of the unit. A second also is constant because it’s fixed by the number of transitions between hyperfine states of Cs.

      Other constants aren’t so static – some of them have changed, and it’s likely others may change – what see as “constant” is merely “slowly changing”.

  3. Hi Dave,

    If it can be used as I think it can you can use it for spectroscopy or gamma ray spectroscopy. Pretty nice find!


  4. This looks like it would be perfect for creating the famous double slit experiment.

  5. This box seems full of surprising gears!
    lol http://airplasma.com

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