EEVblog #456 – CSIRO Rubidium Frequency Standard

Dave uses his CSIRO National Measurement Institute rubidium frequency standard to calibrate and adjust his Agilent 53131A frequency counter.
With bonus teardowns.
53131A schematics are HERE

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  1. Hi Dave,

    you may want to use a longer gate time, ie. 10s to do the calibration, and maybe terminate the input to 50 ohm.

    Thanks for your work in the EEVblog.


  2. FYI – I think the 53131A fan stays powered up because the power supply remains on to maintain power to the high stability oscillator when it is installed. From watching your video, I went and checked mine out (which has the option). It had been plugged in for a year or more but not turned on. I was surprised to find the oscillator over warm. Wonder how much life that burned out of it, and cost me in electricity…

    Yes, seems kinda crazy.

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