EEVblog #460 – Mailbag – Plasma Speaker

Dave’s Mailbag
Some nice postcards, a Jamma card for Daves arcade machine, some computer stuff, dummy load kit, a calculator and a PLASMA SPEAKER!

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  1. i absolutely love the videos with seagon … they take longer but it fulfills both my cuteness quota and my faith is proper “try everything and learn” parenting

  2. I used to fix computers and old dusty smoky PCs are horrible. It gets in your skin and somehow embeds itself in you nose so you can smell it even a day later.

  3. This video should be titled “how to raise a smart child 101”. You always keep a positive attitude with Sagan, never prevent him to explore things letting him get dirty with dusty stuff or use tools most over protective parents would consider dangerous.
    Thanks to you and your wife Sagan will grow up much stronger and smarter than other kids.

  4. *jealous*

    That Neo Geo MVS is worth quite some money these days – cartridges generally go anywhere from $300-600 easy (brand new they were $600-1000 – we’re talking about 16-64+MB of ROMs in 1993 – a HUGE amount of semiconductor memory at a time when hard drives were still measured in megabytes). A working MVS can go for $500+. Nonworking ones less, but still a huge chunk of money.

    Those guys selling any more neo-geo stuff?

  5. the matte black soldermask on teh videocard may be to improve a bit on heat radiation…

  6. Hi Dave
    Good to see your teaching a hands on approach from an early age, its the way forward.
    I just wince a bit when I see Sagan wielding a screwdriver about, just give him a blunt plastic one for a while. It will give him the same thrill and not make me so anxious whilst I watch.
    Keep up the good work!.


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