• 555 Timer T-Shirt

    I’ve added my hand drawn 555 timer T-Shirt to Teespring

    Only US$15! if there is a total order of 100 or more.
    This is much cheaper than my existing Zazzle store shirts.
    The campaign runs for 7 days.
    I was only charged $4.10 for DHL delivery to oz for two shirts.

    Go on, you know you want this awesome bit of nerd street cred!

    Dave's hand drawn 555 timer T-Shirt

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      • Paul Benjamin

        You need to fix the link in the post!

      • David

        International shipping is $10.50 + $1 for each additional t-shirt. Your shirt should arrive within 17-21 days from the end of the campaign.

        However, if you pay though Paypal, and you have more than 2 items (ie different sizes, not two of the same) it appears to charge you USA shipping rates. It’s a mistake, and they will probably charge you the correct rate if it reaches 100 since it’s just a Paypal authorisation.

        • Ah, so that’s why I was charged 10.50 on the AmpHour shirt.

          • David

            So may paypal authorisation only went through for $18.85 USD and now it’s actually been charged as such. Not sure what’s going on with their shipping rates! I’m not complaining though 🙂

            • Yeah, I’ve been charged $4.10 on two occasions and $10 once, so its not consistent.

      • Can I make a suggestion.

        Can you slow down a little on the group buys. I think that you will get more trade if you run them less frequently. I ordered on the first one, and would probably have pulled the trigger on this one had it not been so soon after the first.

        Hope you will repeat this one in a couple of months time, I like the design.


        • This is a good suggestion and we will be holding off for a while, at least on The Amp Hour. Dave and I were just excited to find a service like this, it dramatically lowers costs vs other providers we have used in the past (Zazzle).

      • AP

        Haha, this would make an excellent prank for my teacher, he doesn’t have a clue about 555 😀

      • Great shirt guys, I also bought the AmpHour one. Thanks’ Dave for making electronics fun again! I buy these shirts because they kick ass, and I hope some of the money will help support your youtube series

      • Kwoff

        bought one, 94 now

      • Stu

        Please start another round. I want one! That’ll teach me not miss EEVBlog when I’m on vacation.

      • Luke

        Please start another round of these shirts, I’d really like one!

      • Please start another round. I want one too!

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      • Matt

        I am so depressed that I missed this great shirt! I’d love to know if it ever comes back

      • jio

        will the t-shirt be available again ?

        • Shirts are always available, just sign up. Once it hits 15 signups they get printed,.

      The EEVblog Store generally ships twice a week, on Tuesdays & Fridays, Sydney time. Dismiss