EEVblog #487 – Tekway DST1102B Oscilloscope Review

A first impressions video of the Tekway DST1102B oscilloscope.
Also the DST1062B and DST1202B
Same as the Hantek DSO5062B, DSO5102B, DSO5202B
and the Voltcraft DSO-3062C, DSO-1062D

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The BIG Hantek/Tekway hack thread

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  1. Hi Dave, for your information, the display, ports, buttons and software layout is extremely similar to my Siglent SDS 1102CNL. I do have a fan though… Siglent is probably the manufacturer here…

    • And BTW my Siglent freezes in the same menu (triggering)… VERY annoying… Couldn’t find a way to fix it… No official firmware update can be downloaded and installed yet…

      • Hello Lefuneste,

        Siglent is not the manufacturer of the Tekway.
        Siglent builts scopes for Atten and LeCroy (WaveAce).
        Hantek builts the Tekway/Voltcraft scopes.

        I have a Siglent SDS1102CML here running the actual firmware ( and I tried to reproduce the freezes by modifying the hold off value. I don’t have any problems with that.

        • Thanks for the information! Still it looks strangely similar to me!! It almost looks as if only the faceplate is different! For the freeze it’s the trigerring type which tends to freeze on mine, when passing over the Video mode. And it freezees very similarly to what Dave has whitnessed (hard to tell if it’s really frozen or just “maple syruped”…). My model is a CNL and yours a CML (increased memory depth) so any minute differences in hardware can bring different behaviors obviously. Anyway I’ll check in the Forum as this type of discussion should move there…

  2. hi dave

    when you was trying to access ALTERNATE trigger mode, this message appeared in red on the screen:

    “alternate trigger unsupported in long memory mode, adjust storage depth”

    i thing you was in 1M mode at that moment

    thanks for your nice work

  3. i think it would be absolutely great if you could do one big video or a series of videos comparing diferent scopes of different makers and prices ranges like you did here and like at the end of the video and like you did for multimeters long time ago.

    maybe checking a list of the principal parameters and most commonly used settings and having them tested in paralel to all scopes and showing all the screens at the same time, that would be very instructive and helpfull

  4. the most fucking rude. Shame on you!

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