µRuler Goes Gangbusters

I’ve been told it’s official, the µRuler campaign is the most supported in Pozible history!
It has almost cracked 1000% funded with over 1700 supporters!
Thanks guys, this is both awesome and frightening.
Only a day or so left to get one if you want it:

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  1. Up 20(ish)% since an hour ago. I really do think it is Pozible to get to 100%. Will be interesting how to handle this and looking forward to the discussions on it. Thanks for the awesome opportunity and hope this…

    A) doesn’t discourage you from doing similar events in the future.
    B) gives some insight into any future devices (uSupply, etc.) which can be funded or just how the community behaves.

    Once again, thanks Dave.

  2. Dave a question? where these tiles have seen before?
    I have a plate – lines seen before in Poland …. Even I know who this is …
    Sure they provide a PCB manufacturer 🙂 – probably not even one.
    This board what I saw was a gold-plated version.

  3. That’s the fickle public for you. Spend years getting an education and building up a wealth of experience, and the big money-maker turns out to use very little of that…

  4. Interesting – I chipped in for a couple. A local business who neighbors screwerd with and needed cash to keep going, we raised $10K for them.

  5. 1000% done ! 😉

  6. to bad…

    i’d would have liked very much to get some µRuler and support the EEVblog but the only Pozible way to pay is to sign up with Facebook and that i will never…

    why can’t they have their own sign up system or have several options ?

    • Hello noface buck,

      they have their own login system.
      When you click on the ‘Login/Sign up’ text on the top you can enter a username, your e-mail and a password in the bottom part of the appearing window.
      Then push the sign up button and you’re in (like Flynn) 😉

    • You are not obliged to log in with Facebook, you can create a standard Pozible account.
      Hurry up ! 2 hours remaining.

  7. Just pledged $10 via Pozible->PayPal, but it didn’t ask for my address.. erm is that still OK? – cos maybes PP already knows my postal addr??- wasn’t really paying attention, jus clicked on thru..

    Love the videos Dave, keep ’em coming!

    • @gmcurrie:

      You HAVE TO go back to pozible by using that button on paypal payment summary site – it’ll redirect you to the address form. If you close paypal site after making payment, uh, sorry, no rulers I’m afraid..

  8. ah, ok thankyou
    didn’t see well without eyes (noface…)

  9. This is Real Life Marketing 101: The cheapest trinket things make the most money. Every time.

  10. Up an order of magnitude… Impressive. Looking forward to getting mine.

  11. Just placed an order, can’t wait to get them!

    Thanks Dave!

  12. Well, what can I say except that Dave you are much loved and respected by many. I only really put an order in because of my affection for the eevblog and the value I get from being a consumer of the videos. I did choose to select the option to receive some rulers because they are totally cool but was tempted to just donate only. Long time donor anyway.

  13. Something tells me there won’t be many videos in September…

  14. I hope you will have another run of the ruler soon. I am unfortunately unable to buy one this time. School tuition and my wedding took all my funds. Maybe you should stock a few, judging by the popularity, they will sell.

  15. Hello Dave,

    I’ve just bought another set of 5 rulers to help you reach the symbolic sum of A$30000.
    Thanks for all your videos.

  16. But why did you have to make the backside of it so freaking ugly..?

  17. Thanks! I’ve recently gotten back into electronics as a result of having a lot of things broken that either needed to be fixed or scrapped of useful parts, and the uRuler will definitely get a lot of use. Also giving the extras I ordered out to folks around the EECS dept at the college might help call in a few favors when I need someone local who actually knows what they’re doing ;P

  18. Wow. Giving Pozible a good workout! Looks like you will need a few neighborhood kids to work in your garage for a few weeks stuffing envelopes. 🙂

    Can’t wait to get them.

  19. Got in with just a few minutes to spare! ordered 2.

  20. Thanks Dave! I hope my colleagues will go super jealous about the ruler. Good thing I have another 4 to give them as present!

  21. Dave, have fun sending out 31K+ rulers! Great job, love the EEVBlog!!

  22. One thing is certain, now video on the blog already do not see 🙂
    Dispatch of 1700 items, it will take some time. ….
    The worst thing is that the educational value of this project is very small.
    It is only and only (u)ruler.
    I guess it was supposed to be just a test of the “POZIBLE”

  23. Congratulations. That was an amazing campaign.
    Unfortunately i missed it.
    I do have a suggestion as i see a few comments about the ‘ugly’ backside.
    I not completely agree with that but there is probably room to put some more info on it and improve the ruler. Maybe a v2 version?
    I think putting some formulas on the backside would be great.
    Especially students and beginners will be helped by that. Maybe you can include a single color version of this diagram on it:

    • The “ugly” backside was result of a quick additional for the Open Hardware summit rulers. I needed 500 rules and it cost the same to have two sides, and it was a promo item, so the existing “eevblog.com was very small. So I just quickly plastered the back with a huge eevblog.com address. I did not want to have to spend more time designing more info for the back side.
      Yes, maybe the 3rd version.

  24. Hi! I also do not use Facebook (blearrrggg!!!!), will there be other ways to acquire it? International Credcard and such??

  25. This is turning into a µRuler nightmare!! 1200% subscriptions, a full month of September of Dave time licking enveloppe flaps, and still thousands of “unhappy campers” who missed the thing and are now complaining… Don’t worry guys, I am sure some of us will happily res-sell a few of these rulers on eBay for a “fair” price… 😉

    • Hey Dave, if I was local I’d drop in to give you a hand stuffing envelopes.

      Looks like you may need it.

      Although I suspect you might be spending some time in the post office after brining in a truckload of international mail items.

      How many declarations will you have to fill in? Aaaagh!

    • I haven’t even thought about the inevitable ones that don’t arrive…
      I do wonder what the postage failure rate will be?

      • I can say from much experience that without tracked International post, at-least here in Indonesia (S. Jakarta) you’ll get near 100% delivery failure. Sending another as recourse is just a waste of time and money. Expect backlash. Not just from Indonesia… I did not buy one or more because I’m sure I would never receive them. Sigh…

  26. This remind my of the Sinclair Spectrum…

    Sinclair offered it with 28 day delivery, and had to send letter out to people to give them the chance to cancel the order as orders swamped them, the average wait for the computer was around 4 months…

    P.S. next year Dave will offer a EEV Blog ruler v2.0 with the errors corrected, and in a different colour….

  27. Dave that feeling you are experiencing, I believe they call that fame.

  28. sorry
    Is it worth it to spend so much time on simple (u)ruler?
    This PCB… simple gadget.
    The Chinese companies have done to these (u)ruler in the price of $ 2-3 ($ 2-3 plus shipping costs)
    I do not deny the idea.
    But I think it’s a little too much time on this gadget
    Well, I guess that this is about something else ….

    • The Chinese don’t make Dave Jones uRuler, (well maybe the PCB), but the point is.. profits go to Dave. He provides a service to the electronic community and they are repaying that service.. besides… the ruler kicks butt! Too bad I missed the sale. Anyone want to sell me one of their extra rulers?

  29. I am sure plenty of locals will help stuff and address envelopes if you ask. Put me down to help if you need it.

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