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  1. 1700 lumens is quite low. A typical 4 foot T8 fluro tube puts out about 3000 lumens (2700 to 3100 depending on mfg/type).

    1700/18 = 94 watts/lumen
    3000/32 = 94 watts/lumen

    I don’t think you’ve gotten any increase in efficiency.

    There is a wide variety of color temps available in fluro here – 2700 to 5500, pick what you like.

    I don’t even remember the last time I saw a starter – fluro fixtures in the US have been rapid start or electronic ballast for a couple of decades now – are starters still common in OZ?

  2. Hi,
    it is true that good fluro tube in a properly designed lamp still outerforms any affordable LED replacement. I think that everybody who is interested in this field already knows.
    In fact, I do not consider this kind of videos to by of a lot of interest for your viewers; certainly as for me. More fundamentlas and especially practical engineering knowledge gained during your EE career would be much more interesting for me and hopefully for most of your viewers.
    Nevertheless, I’m always looking forward for your videos, so it seems – despite my rant – that you are doing it right.

  3. I was wondering if you have you checked these LED replacement tubes for RFI?

    If the driver is putting out a fast rise time pulse into the long LED strip it could radiate significant RF.


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