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EEVblog #1334 – Mystery Dumpster Teardown

Mystery dumpster teardown time! With the most amazing mechanical mains power switch you’ll ever see! ...


  1. Hi Dave,

    What a score! I have one of these machines at work. They are workhorses. 7000 sqare meters of paper use is nothing for these units. The only maintainance I had to do was replace the carrage belt. You can get those and other supplies cheap on e-bay if you ever need to do it. Also if you need to run these on a network from a Win7 machine HP does not have specific Wi7 drivers for these (or at least they did not a few months ago) just download the Vista drivers. They will work fine!

    Man I want your dumpster at my office. What a deal. I still have an old E size 8 pen vector Houston Instruments plotter at home. Now I have Dave plotter envy!

    All the best and have fun with that. You will love it for your large Altium schematics!

  2. You lucky bastard! I would love a score like that. I found 2 plotters laying out behind a Goodwill. After the lawn guys came through they were covered it wet grass trimmings. Cleaned the nicer one up and have a nice working B/W DesignJet 220.

    The other was an older pen style plotter with no carasoul. It is still leaning against the wall. I haven’t decided wheather to part it out for the rails and steppers or to convert it into a cutter machine.

  3. Un-be-liev-able…. I want one now…

  4. It probably was tossed out because of lack of support – or it really needs a serious calibration and couldn’t produce proper prints. Accuracy and precision is key and if the calibration is off or the paper slips, well, that could ruin someone’s day.

    Pity it doesn’t use bigger ink tanks – usually for plotters like this they have literally litres of ink in bottles beside it.

    Had a couple of these at my first job – parallel port beasts. Best one was it used the same old cartridges as the old HP inkjets did in the day and when they replaced one, they replaced both, so getting your hands on dozens of half-used and empty ones was trivially easy.

    • “Pity it doesn’t use bigger ink tanks – usually for plotters like this they have literally litres of ink in bottles beside it.”

      it’s a plotter mainly for cad-stuff
      for that purpose it has plenty of ink in the cartridge

      • from the stats of the printer it went through 4l of ink and produced close to 7700m² of grafics
        thats ~2m²/ml

        dave probably was the first one to print a picture with it 😀

  5. well done Dave , & you saved it from the security guards, who if they could have figured it out they would have E-Bayed it.

  6. Technically, it’s a wide format printer rather than a plotter. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Plotter

    Basically, plotters used “pens”, rather than normal inkjet ink.

  7. I miss the old cover the bench schematics. All we have now is an 11X17 or something like that and doing all of our surface mount prototyping by hand wrecks your far field vision making a schematic or parts locator diagram clipped to the parts bins a extra foot away look like an ink smear! Also I miss the “occasional” sound of the pin plotter. Pop pop pop pop pop. Bzzzzzzzzzz. Pop pop pop.

  8. That’s exactly what I would have printed with it too! You could have any number of cool posters!

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