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  1. Wanted to back the project, but on Kickstarter, you cannot pay via Paypal… Bummer! Have to see if I can get a credit card in the next 2 weeks. Would have liked it even more, if the campaign was started on Pozible… Anyway: thanks for the good work, Dave!

  2. I still didn’t get my micro ruler; so I’m out.

  3. Man, I didn’t know KickStarter did not do paypal until after I tried to pledge, what a bummer, I know paypal is crap, but there isn’t really an alternative.

    Luckely in The Netherlands it is really easy to get a prepaid credit card using the ideal system so it took a while longer but still managed to pledge.
    Probably because it is so unusual to have a credit card around here.

  4. Doesn’t kickstarter take 5% or something, surely there’s cheaper ways, unless the idea is that kickstarter as a brand/marketing pov is worth something.

  5. shame about Pay Pal ah well one day maybe

  6. Man! the bags under Daves eyes!
    Looks like he hasn’t slept for a while.

  7. Of course I have to complain about timing, I’m AFK over christmas and find out almost too late…

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