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  1. Not bad for a couple of carefully place opamps.

    • That Dave has built up a viewership of thousands of people by producing hundreds of quality-content videos has nothing to do with it? Or that he actually designed and built the µCurrent?

  2. Just as I thought from the very beginning, It will easily hit $100k.

  3. I think this product would hold it’s own pretty well regardless of the quality video blogging. Maybe the response would be slower but I think it’s a really well designed very practical product..

    Now, I need to order one..!

  4. I hope he uses a different mailing house than the µruler.

  5. I need a little. I want to get a second unit so my total pelage should be 152 USD right. If not please let me Know.

  6. Poor Dave! Happy new year buddy! :))

  7. I wouldn’t be surprised if it will a littler over $93k with a 1000 backers, assuming no pledges of $2,500 or a surge of backers. Thanks Dave for your hard work.

  8. Who said a project with substance, not just neurotically obsessing on looks could not succeed ?

    Nerd’s revenge! MwahaHAHAHAHA !

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