EEVblog #570 – LAB Cleanup And Shelving

Dave cleans up the lab and adds some shelves.
Exciting stuff.
Original lab timelapse build:

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  1. Hi dave, Oh,,,your a great guy and you do make me laugh quite a lot by saying funny things like check that knob out and take a look at my Australian safety boots (a pair of flip flops)It does make for some very entertaining vids. It’s quite true I have learnt a great deal from you and I love you to bits! I love your tear-downs and the Mail-bag Tuesday? or is it Monday? oh I don’t know but I love watching and learning all the same. Lovely chap with good sense of humour and extremely interesting to watch. Great stuff Dave, keep up the good work, sending you my very best wishes from Richard green GB England.

  2. Looked good to me fella… Must be an engineering thingie, for better or worse all our workshops look the same 😉

  3. O yeah that’s not a problem …this is a problem.

    Would like to attach the pic but no one would belive it wasn’t ‘shopped 😉 like an explosion in a computer/electronics/plastics factory.

    Glad you managed to organise yours though!

    I need therapy 🙁
    …or at least racking 😉

  4. I would suggest bolting them together and into the wall, I’ve had one fall with ton of test equipment crash to the ground, big oops.

  5. Now I know, why we haven’t seen fundamentals friday for quite some time: you couldn’t get through to the whiteboard on the wall.
    Anyway, I’ll give it two weeks (or two days) until you start scattering stuff around on the floor again. It’s curse and the only thing you can do about it is hiring a warehouse clerk 🙂

  6. Watching you put things on the shelves at high speed was like watching Windows XP defrag… I need to get out more 🙂

  7. Is it just me or has the rate that Dave releases videos dropped drastigly in past few months?

    What ever the rate, i still appriciate them alot!

  8. What’s the problem?

    Looks just like my lab.


  9. You need more shelves. Period. Stuff on the floor is no go. Because the distant perspectives of selling and other ways of getting rid of stuff will be overwhelmed by more things coming in.

  10. BTW, please make a video of the stuff you keep in those 15+ year-old yellowed drawers. There is so much story to tell and lessons to learn from many of the things in those little boxes. I’m kicking myself for not spending 5 minutes looking in there when I was in Australia and had a chance to visit your lab in November.

    This stuff is only getting more precious over time. Fran will most likely agree too 🙂

  11. I don’t comment often, however I will for this video since I was once taken to task by Dave on the Amp Hour for my clean and organized “workbench of the week”.

    Don’t you know that one of the fundamental laws of physics is that you will always fill the space you have. The shelving is a good start but once it’s full the floor will be full of the overflow.

    Really why do you need 26 monitors?

    All of this reminds me of when I started my business 27 years ago. When you work by yourself, you don’t have to adhere to any formal way of doing things because no one else sees what’s going on behind the closed door.

    All of this changed when I hired my first employee and I had to set standards for everyone, including me.

  12. In fact I see that at least 4 more shelves like this can easilly fit in the corner.
    Like this (7 shelves total):
    1 3 5
    1 3 5

  13. So what are you going to do with all that floor space now 🙂 ?

    I suppose you could get some more shelves out in the middle of the floor, not just against the wall. Lots more space to store stuff…like a library, or a warehouse :).

    Only problem is that it would start feeling like you worked in a warehouse…

  14. I think that model train behind the postcards board is the true reason why Dave wanted to free the floor from all that stuff:)

  15. Well… I must confess my problem too Dave!
    My lab is also a mess (and I bet it’ll beat your mess too).
    Its just embarrassing and shameful!
    I constantly need to shove thing aside to work
    and even to walk!!!

    Thank you mate!
    This video helped me admit my problem and
    its one step towards self-improvement!

    I think we need to set up a group or something.
    Like the Hoarders Anonymous! LOL!!!

  16. one use for some of those monitors might be ‘virtual windows’ – fixed up on the walls & getting video feeds from weatherproof cameras mounted on outside of building

  17. Jeeze sell some junk and you will have plenty of space. I have a rule if I have not used it in three years, out it will go. Only problem with that is I often find exceptions to the rule and hang on to all sorts of odd stuff!

  18. I don’t feel so bad now. My lab looks the same way! with the same shelving and everything!

    Keep on hoarding brother!

  19. Einstein apparently was a very messy – no link implied

  20. For the whiteboard, perhaps you could keep just the board and fix it with hinge on your shelves to hide some of the stuff behind it. Use it as a curtain 😛

  21. now you have space to reinstall the electric train layout and do some stuff with DCC command !


  22. I also worry about that i have also problem with this. i want to told u that also that
    lab of me also a mess
    Its just bad and it would be shameful!
    I constantly need to shove thing aside to work
    and even to walk!!!

  23. I have periodic cleanup / furniture building sessions in my workshop. There’s nothing worse than having to climb over stuff to get in or not being able to do projects because the bench is full.

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