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EEVblog #1035 – Flaming DIY Power Supply

Smoke in the EEVblog Lab! What component failed and caught alight in the RD Tech ...

  • Joy


    I really like the http://easyeda.com/ idea. Tomorrow I am teaching an introduction to EDA to my class using this product.

  • Johm

    I guess the Motorola IC inside the phone could be a DTMF decoder.

  • Unixon

    Brilliant still frame. Thumbs up.

  • Nic

    Is this an approved anti-static technique? Forget anti-static wrist straps, just hop on the bench and kneel on the anti-static mat 🙂

  • Michael K.

    Hi Dave, You have to dodge the cars. I thought you had a driver’s license. 😉

  • Uwe

    Hi, I’m also from Hamburg!

    A quick translation of the instrctions on the back of the game:

    car race
    game instructions
    The aim of this game is to drive the racing car (bright dot) four rounds in the shortest possible time, without colliding with other cars (dots coming the other way). Change lane by pushing the steering stick. Change speed: frist gear – slow, fourth gear – fast. The winner is the driver with the fastest time for four rounds. Switch to START, put in first gear – the race starts!


  • Russ Thompson

    Now I understand “Craxy Aussie Bloke”! He has a Mickey Dolenz autograph and he is ooing over the probles? Hey, Hey, David is as dumb as a Monkey. I guess I should not put David down.

  • Doug in Minnesota

    ProbeMaster makes fantastic probes. They make some nice full kits, with many different adapters. I’ve used ’em for years.

    Sagan is already opening taped packages and tupperware containers at the age of three. He’ll probably be building oscilloscopes from scratch by the time he’s 7.

  • Jim

    Great entertainment, Dave, thanks. My own son is just 10days younger than Sagan so it is always great to see Sagan on your vids!

  • JRGandara

    Those neon lights on the phone used to be part of a cheap ring detector circuit, along with a LDR. I belive they don´t have something like PC817 or similar at that time.

  • SilverSolder

    Two thumbs up for Sagan and Mrs. Eevblog!

  • I do like the “Monsieur Adapter”. I did something similar but simpler a few years back to connect my analogue multimeter to some terminal connectors which could then in turn be connected to points on a breadboard.


  • Worf

    Hands up for more Mrs. EEVBlog narration!

    Also, you didn’t read the letter from the last item with the veroboard…

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