• EEVblog Lab Shelving Upgrade Continues

    The EEVblog lab continues to get upgraded. Some more shelving installed in the office cubicle.
    Another lot to go in the main area, and a new island bench to come as well. Still have 3.7m of ESD matting left over from that 10m roll.
    They fitted just perfectly in the space across the glass front. For those interested, THIS and THIS are the shelving from Bunnings, no bolts required. They also clip together to form a larger stable single unit.

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      • Paul

        Put as many up as you like , you won’t clean them that Sagans job isn’t it. “Winner”, and another thing you’ll anything but fix that piece of equipment DSA? I think it’s called.

      • Jim

        Wow, a shelf!

      • hey mate where do you buy your shelves? are they the ones that are on sale at supercheap?

      • Paul

        How you going to get the Sinclair C 5 on these shelves I wonder.

      • I need some shelving that has pretty weight capability. Books are in fact pretty heavy.

      • DonThorntonJr


        but here in the States

        just picked up a couple of these for $149 each from Sam’s Club:


        made in China of course but good quality and very strong if properly reinforced

      • Brett

        Make sure they’re fixed to the wall. Nothing worse than trying to remove something heavy from them and the shelf wobbling – except it wobbling so much it falls.

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