• EEVblog #614 – Cebit 2014 Highlights

    Dave attended the Cebit 2014 event in Sydney at Homebush Olympic Park. Here are some highlights.
    The EX¹ the worlds first PCB printer. It prints silver conductive ink onto FR4, paper, mylar, or many other types of substrate.
    GoFar, a wireless car monitoring startup.
    The University of Newcastle Robotics group NuBots
    Showcasing the robots used in the RoboCup challenge.
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      • Paul

        That was really interesting video, I like the circuit board printer,which in time I’m sure will find its way into hobbyists workshops as well, give it a few Years.

        The car monitoring equipment,I can imagine that will also be used in the commercial world especially Hauliers, with trucks that do around 15 to the gallon.

        Finally the robots 2 Daughters and a Wife in love with the robots.

        Dave the video is a winner,nice to see the start-up companies,which I’m sure will do very well in life.


      • Chris

        So robots that can silently communicate via wifi to coordinate a plan of attack. Yep, nothing could possibly go wrong there.

      • Graham

        Loved the circuit board printer but have one reservation.
        As someone who has serviced printers for many years ,HP cartridges, because they have the printhead built in suffer from inbuilt obselesence. All the printheads seem to only last for about the ink that has been installed in the cartridge. That is the case with the smaller carts anyway. Random heads die and then errors are generated which stop the printer working.
        I would be interested at the life expectancy of the refilled carts.
        Epson for instance do not have built in heads and last much longer with many refills being possible.

      • elgonzo

        I just needed to take one look at these robots to know that they will win the next Robo Cup.
        Because… Batman!

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