Tagarno Microscope Recording Success

For those following my progress on a setup to capture the Targano microscope output.
I have had success using a cheap $160 gamer capture device, direct to SD card from the HDMI output. The Avermedia Live Gamer Portable
So much for Tagarno insisting that I need a $1K+ gamer level PC to record from the 60fps USB 3.0!
To be fair though, you do need such a high end PC to record the USB 3.0 output at 60fps. But that’s of course only if you are serious enough to want 60fps instead of 30fps capture. I posit that hardly anyone would need 60fps capture, yet this is the only solution Tagarno recommend.
I just did it with a capture device that costs $160 and no PC required, and I solved the audio annotation problem too using the separate mic input.
And it’s the same workflow as I do now with my normal camera. Direct to SD card with included optimised audio. Nice.
The quality is a bit limited by the maximum 16Mbps capture bit rate to SD card. But it can do up to 60Mbps while streaming to PC over USB 2.0. I’m also getting one of these matching PCI capture cards which will also do 60Mbps
But it needs a PC of course, so not as easy as the single button to SD card.
Note the “eevblog” text on the Sennheiser LCD is fuzzy, it’s much sharper on the live HDMI video output. So there are certainly compression artifacts there.
And I was able to stream the full HD hardware compressed video via old USB2.0 and capture it on my old i3 notebook, no problems at all.
I’m also able to use this output on my future live shows.
So basically, problem solved. Look out for teardown content using the Targarno microscope.
Only issue left is my overhead room light that is causing the glare you see, I need to rearrange my ceiling lights.

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