• EEVblog #619 – Dumpster Dive PABX Teardown

    See the EEVblog lab LIVE
    Panasonic KX-TVP100AL Voice Processing System:
    Panasonic KX-TD816AL Digital Super Hybrib System PABX
    Installation Manual
    NEC Zen Alpha
    3W isolated DC DC converter
    MT8952 HDLC Protocol Controller
    MC14LC5480 PCB Codec Filter
    MT8941 T1/CEPT Digital Trunk PLL
    MT8952 HDLC Protocol Controller

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      • Johm

        Square and triangular fiducials? Really?

      • The 816 means 8 Central Office lines usually loop start and 16 extensions.

        And when it comes to PABX gear my favorites are Panasonic an Lucent. And I do love the Definity and Prologix switches from the latter. Those Definity and Prologix are for hundreds of extensions, multiple incoming lines, etc.

        And the voicemail system – it’s probably a Unix or Linux variant and an EXT2 file system. I know about Intuity Audix systems – they were pretty much Linux boxes.

      • Mike

        I give up Dave. The Captcha / Login / Be A Human thing on your forum is truly crap.

        I wanted to join in and tell you about my experience as Panasonic’s Tech Liaison Officer for Oz when that PBX was released, but I Just Can’t Register.



        • Very few people have trouble with it. Some humans get the questions wrong…
          Also, there can be issues if you are using mobile devices and the mobile version of the site.

      • f4eru

        For the brown murata part :

        It says it detects the DC current through saturation of the core of a transformer… interesting

        • That’s an interesting and also reusable part!

      • Jim

        Thanks for the teardown Dave. You are quite the elitist when it comes to appearance under the hood!

        You suggest that viewers can rip out old electrolytics and use them. Out of all components that age badly, electrolytics are some of the worst, as you well know.

        • Of course. I said in a pinch you can reuse old caps.

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