• EEVblog #643 – Mailbag

    Mailbag Monday

    Dual voltage source selection circuit
    Casio FX-7000G the world’s first graphing scientific calculator, circa 1985.
    A 1989 vintage analog ohmeter.
    Teardown of a 450W electronic dimming module.
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      • Ivan Berton

        27:02 LeninstraBe :-))))))))) very funny. The sing looks like a “B” will be pronounce as two “s”. Correct: Leninstrasse. Greets from Switzerland. Maybe I send you mail too whit some other strange sings on the letter.

      • VEB = Volkseigener Betrieb = nationally-owned enterprise

      • Synthetase

        Plenty of info on dimmers here:

      • Paul

        I would say that in Germany somewhere ,you would be able to get parts for that lovely ohm meter, and you should really look after the history of it. I challenge you to fix it Mr D

        • Agent24

          Yeah, it can’t be that hard, probably one of those resistors has gone high value or the switch is dirty. What else could go wrong?

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