EEVblog #644 – How To Design Front Panels On Extruded Enclosures – µSupply Part 14

Dave shows some techniques on how to build and mount usable PCB based front panels user interfaces with LCD displays and push buttons and capacitive touch buttons onto small cheap extruded aluminium enclosures.
In particular for the µSupply project. This is Part 14 of that series.
The uCalc project gets another look in, and does the Sharp Memory dot matrix LCD.
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  1. Ing Emmanuel Herrera

    Testing Disqus

  2. Of course you can have knobs, just get right-angle ones on the main board and stick the post trough the front panel.

  3. What are these small rocker switches called? I searched a lot but I am unable to find any.

  4. Hello, Are those cheap extruded aluminium enclosures anodized and ready for color painting?
    Just finishing setup equipment (rectifier with programmable step down buck converter and huge inductor to stabilize output current sensed by Hall sensor) to do aluminium anodizing by constant current density based on introduction in this document by applying “720 rule” (720 amp-minutes per square foot to produce 1.0 mil of oxide) in microcontroller software and let it calculate current & time needed to anodize to given oxide thickness and controll acid solution temperature in required safe range.

    While, it seams to be quite easy using such sophisticated equipment and detailed instructions how to setup ASF (amps per sq ft) to anodize aluminium to given oxide thickness to prepare for colour painting, it is another interesting question:
    Is it possible to do aluminium etching like in this video where steel plate was etched using black oil mask to get desired steel curved cuts without any CNC machinery just puting it into cheap solution and connecting for several hours to car battery charger with light bulbs for current limit ?

  5. Dave,
    Can you supply the web address for the lovely anodised case. I find plenty of suppliers through alibaba but the ranges are huge and many only supply large numbers. I only need a couple

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