Interview with Rod Elliott from Elliott Sound Products

Meet Rod Elliott the man behind the famous audio electronics website. Audio aficionados will no doubt be familiar with Rod’s hundred of articles and projects. He dropped by the EEVblog stand at Electronex and kindly agreed to a quick impromptu chat on-camera.

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  1. Amazing to finally see him! Great website, lovely articles and projects!
    Dave: btw, I recommend you try an “audiophile” listening session some day. Local hi-fi expo is a good place. Because unless you try, your “audiophool” bashing has no value (in my opinion), since you are talking about something you’ve never experienced. (And no I don’t buy expensive cables, but I work as sound professional – mastering engineer).

    • My audiophool comments have absolutely nothing to do with actual high quality systems, it has to do with the FACT that electrically measured identical cables or other components sound exactly, precisely, the same, regardless of price, or if they have been cryogenically frozen by nude vigins etc.
      I have experienced high quality systems, and yes I readily admit they sound fantastic, and it is ENTIRELY POSSIBLE to hear and measure the difference between a high quality and a low quality system, and you can verify that with measurements ad true double blind A-B testing. But once again, that has absolutely nothing to do with Audiophool bashing and the delusional wanking that is rampant within the audophool industry.

  2. Thanks Dave!!
    I’ve been a fan of Rod Elliot for many years (read most of his online documents and bought PCBs from him). It is good to finally see and hear the man behind all that.

  3. I am sure Rod would have been interested in Yoda, too!

  4. Minor correction: he clams not to have Google ads on his site, but in fact he does.
    Not having a dig, probably deserves a lot more revenue than he likely gets for putting so many high quality circuits out there for free. A true gent!

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  6. Teslas are all over the place in San Francisco, and get to use the commuter lanes during rush hour as well. Tesla has yet to sell an automobile in the United States that is not heavily subsidized by Federal tax kickbacks. For $70,000.00, you could just about get three Prius automobiles. Tesla owners here seem to be quite full of themselves, Dave. Their farts don’t stink.

  7. Hey Rod, it feels really great to see the face and hear the voice behind the website! Awesome!!

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