EEVblog #669 – FLIR TG165 Thermal Imager Teardown

What’s inside the new FLIR TG165 Visual IR Thermometer / Thermal Camera using the new Lepton sensor?
How does it compare to the FLIR ONE & FLIR E4?
Does it have a calibration shutter?
Does it have any extra capability built in ready to be hacked?
How easy is it to open? (SPOILER – it’s a BASTARD!)

Lepton Module


Forum HERE
Teardown Photos: COMING SOON

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    • SA007

      You couldn’t lever out the front cover that is over the LCD?
      My guess is that the shiny cover over the display is actually a thick sticker applied after production, not moulded in, with the screws underneath.

    • JoeLaBidouille

      Hi Dave,

      Actually the STM32 use a 8 MHz crystal oscillator for the internal PLL clock which output a clock at 72 MHz.


    • Paul Jones

      Have a look at the “how to”s for replacing iPhone screens – It requires a heat gun and a suction cap to pull the glass out. Perhaps that may have worked here?

    • Frédéric Boivin

      The funky chip you were looking at at 22:40 look like a MEMS oscillator. Much smaller and more stable than quartz crystals. Neat devices!

    • Christopher Hale

      FLIR are renowned for manufacturing stunning, ergonomic and durable products and the TG165 is no exception. FLIR TG165 can best be described as a hybrid product which gives an accurate temperature.

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