EEVblog #669 – FLIR TG165 Thermal Imager Teardown

What’s inside the new FLIR TG165 Visual IR Thermometer / Thermal Camera using the new Lepton sensor?
How does it compare to the FLIR ONE & FLIR E4?
Does it have a calibration shutter?
Does it have any extra capability built in ready to be hacked?
How easy is it to open? (SPOILER – it’s a BASTARD!)

Lepton Module


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Teardown Photos: COMING SOON

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  1. You couldn’t lever out the front cover that is over the LCD?
    My guess is that the shiny cover over the display is actually a thick sticker applied after production, not moulded in, with the screws underneath.

  2. Hi Dave,

    Actually the STM32 use a 8 MHz crystal oscillator for the internal PLL clock which output a clock at 72 MHz.


  3. Have a look at the “how to”s for replacing iPhone screens – It requires a heat gun and a suction cap to pull the glass out. Perhaps that may have worked here?

  4. The funky chip you were looking at at 22:40 look like a MEMS oscillator. Much smaller and more stable than quartz crystals. Neat devices!

  5. FLIR are renowned for manufacturing stunning, ergonomic and durable products and the TG165 is no exception. FLIR TG165 can best be described as a hybrid product which gives an accurate temperature.

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