EEVblog #671 – White Van Speaker Scam Teardown

Dave exposes the global White Van Speaker Scam and tears down a Marc Vincent Surround Sound Receiver, one of the items sold in Australia through this scam.
How crap is it?, watch and find out!
Also a 3D Optics HD-8500 projector that is also sold as part of the scam that involves the absolute cheapest quality parts sold under fake brands at grossly inflated prices from literally the back of a van.

A Current Affair Exposé of the scam in Australia, and the Marc Vincent brand in particular

The same scam in the UK:

3D Optics HD-8500 datasheet

TDA2030 Power amplifier:
Nuvoton 8051

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  1. i want that Marc vincent amplifier, so I can show off those fake looking tubes. I would have plugged it in and shorted out the speaker terminals , turned it up to 11 until the magic smoke came out You should have posted the tube numbers

  2. That was a bit nasty at the end of the amp teardown. It might not be up to your preferred standard, but there’s no need to stab the speaker cone like a vandal. There would still be some salvageable parts for the next guy. Binding posts for one. How would you feel if someone had stoved in the projector lens “just for fun”?

    • Well, they can still recycle the already-recycled parts. But I think the main intention was to prevent the amp from being used as an amp because well, it’s a safety hazard given its rather shoddy construction techniques.

      The power transformer especially, but the mains side is also problematic. The mains transformer could short the live to the low voltage windings (usually you want triple-insulation) that imposes 230V onto an exposed metal part, like the heatsink.

      The Marc Vincent was just plain unsafe and all around nasty. The projector at least looked low quality, but it looked like maybe someone just repackaged a low-end projector.

    • Try not to take things too seriously.

  3. I will wait one hout till the lamp cools down! No problen.

  4. I remember those in the services ,trying to sell us truckers shite watches,you should see them move when 44 tons of articulated trucks start boxing them in,could have been messy 😉

  5. Oh come on! Who throws something like Marantz away?! Working or not. I wish I would find dumpster like that in my country..

    • In Australia we have “kerbside chuck out” once a year. You can find all kinds of stuff. I scored a non-working Marantz tuner/amp just round the corner. Even without knowing much about them, you can feel the quality of the controls and metal parts.

      • We used to have that quarterly here, but now they changed to a system where you have to call up and arrange it. So now it’s not one big week where you can go out scavenging, but just isolated pockets here and there

  6. I still cant believe that someone takes his time to make such shit.
    With a little more effort it could at least be something low-quality and not total garbage…

  7. I like almost every lesson, and info you share with others. Non-biased, non exaggerated info is very valuable and it’s priceless. But what i’ve seen in this episode is most biased, most exaggerated whining about that stuff. Lets take a look at well known brands SONY, PIONEER, SAMSUNG, PHILIPS, BLAUPUNKT, ALPINE, LOGITECH, CREATIVE and tons of other. Look at the price, what’s inside it, specification, price:quality ratio. It doesn’t even matter what’s the product is, is it Speaker, Amp, DAC…whatever you name it. There are few brands, that doesn’t lie, but i don’t know them. There are few products that aren’t lied about by the brands which lies. And it’s more an exception than a rule (i know you like that phrase). And the saddest thing is, that you might get better price:quality ratio from these scamers than from the well know Brand even though scamers lies way more. Please tell me the names of the brands (Audio products) which price:quality ratio is good.

    • And for the speaker, i would’ve taken it if i lived in Australia. It’s pretty decent driver, what you did, sadly was just a waste.

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