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    EEVblog #1047 – Solar Roadways FINALLY BUSTED! Colas Wattway

    Dave finally puts an end to the idea of Solar Roadways. We have the test ...

    • Chris

      Actually, some should contain beryllium.(the magnetron) You dont want to breath the dust in if you smash/break it or you will end up with major problems.

    • RJ

      A magnetron doesn’t ’emit electrons’. The electrons moving in the cavity generate electromagnetic waves (radiowaves) that are emitted by the magnetron’s antenna.
      See http://hyperphysics.phy-astr.gsu.edu/hbase/waves/magnetron.html:
      “As these electrons sweep toward a point where there is excess negative charge, that charge tends to be pushed back around the cavity, imparting energy to the oscillation at the natural frequency of the cavity. This driven oscillation of the charges around the cavities leads to radiation of electromagnetic waves, the output of the magnetron.”

    • Isolated USB-RS232 Interface: USB chip by BRICK-masters FTDI !

    • Ok, let me get this straight… They created a huge isolation gap on both sides of the PC board separate ground planes, but underneath, they did not remove each side’s ground planes under the metal stand-offs? It means that only the thin varnish coat is insulating against the screwed-in standoffs shorting out both ground planes?

      If that thingie gets installed and removed one too many times, and the varnish scratches under an overtorqued standoff, or a smart guy decide to put a lockwasher under between the standoffs and the board, SURPRISE SURPRISE !

      Or did I completely mis-understood something? (high probability event too).

    • PrairieSteve

      Regarding the Caterpillar display… the only way into it is to remove the glass panel on the front. It is held on by a foam gasket that has a very strong adhesive on both sides. I don’t know if there is an easy way to weaken the adhesive. Plan B? Try the Big Friendly Hammer on the glass. Be sure to wear safety glasses and shoes (no bare feet!), just in case the glass bit get away. You’ll find a display board and a power supply/processor board inside.

      The design is a bit dated, but does indeed reflect the design standards for Cat equipment of that era (10 to 15 years old).
      btw, thanks for the comments about the design “oozing quality”. 🙂

    • Mike

      You really need a Spyderco Paramilitary 2 for your mailbag knife. Not too small and plenty big enough for any task. Definitely not a wimpy knife.

    • Happy Haxor

      I’m curious, in your original video you showed how dismal the generation capabilities were “best case” and mentioned dirt and grime etc, but was the consideration made that light doesn’t travel through a car’s chassis? Last I checked occluded solar tiles don’t have great energy production?

      • Happy Haxor

        Re: solar roadways.

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