EEVblog #684 – Ness SMT Maufacturing & Assembly Factory Tour

The founder and CEO of Ness Corporation Naz Circosta takes us on a personal tour of the companies impressive worlds class surface mount and through hole manufacturing facility where they produce hundreds of different Ness security and automation products.
It’s no every day the CEO of a major company has the technical knowledge to take you on such a tour of their own production facilities!
He shows the Yamaha SMD/SMT pick and place machines, solder stencil paste machine, flying probe testers, optical vision inspection equipment, custom test jigs, and plastic ultrasonic welding machines. And also talks about buying a $1M Objet 3D printer, and the advantages of genuine high quality Fresnel lenses vs cheap generic ones in PIR sensor performance.

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  1. That was so cool. Not very often a CEO can walk you through the factory floor and explain every little detail along the way. That man is my hero.

  2. Cool factory. I want to know, have you ever seen the rain, Creedence Clearwater at 11’30. Or Rod Stewart ? 😉

  3. Cool video, but a missed opportunity to see what that failed component was from the repair video 😉

    • He stated in the you tube comments that he talked to the design engineer but he didn’t what to be on camera. Dave said you would create a post about the burned up part.

  4. That was really heartening to see high quality production going on here in Oz. Many thanks to your host.

  5. Great video thanks for doing it

  6. Amazing plant, thanks Dave!

  7. Thanks a lot! To you and to this Guy!

  8. Oh. My. Gosh. Major factory porn. Thank you Dave & Naz!

  9. Great to see manufacturing is still alive. Maybe a few ex-lawyer politicians should work in such a facility for a week and get to appreciate that the future is in manufacturing and R & D, not in selling our country off to foreigners.

  10. I cringed every time he talked about his employees as “some girls”.

  11. This was really amazing.
    The factory and the guide.
    A CEO that actually knows how his factory works and the actual manufacturing process.
    I think the old CEO (and founder) of my current employment could have done the same.
    For the current CEO I would doubt that…

    I doubt that they really need to glue the devices on the board. I know that this is only necessary for heavier components and not true for most SMD. The adhesive force of the solder will hold most devices to the board even if they are upside down and the solder melts again in the second solder process.

    And what is the test time for the flying probe tester? It seemed to take a long time to finish. But I think it just depends on the speed that the manufacturing line needs.
    I don’t know how many parts there are on their typical board but I doubt it would do for high volume, high part count boards like say some hundred parts on one board. I would expect that a bed of nails is faster in that scenario.
    Would be really nice to know where the line is between flying probe and bed of nail tester.
    Why else would anyone still use them despite the effort that goes into building one.
    You can use the bed of nails adapter for function test too, so that additional step could be removed in the process.

    I wonder why they do the AOI not before the tester. It is fast and if there is a problem it would be found earlier in the process.

    Still nice to see that there can be so many similarities between two companies (the portrayed one and my current employer) that live on different continents and work in different markets. 🙂

  12. Really interesting and the CEO was impressive

  13. Great video Dave, and thanks to Naz as well. Really awesome to see how electronics products get made. You could do endless videos like this and I would never be bored.

  14. So Dave had a board built by these guys and it had failures? What failed? Was it a manufacturing issue or a component issue?

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